LEED Certification Basics

LEED certification is a certification process that rewards sustainable and environmentally friendly decisions that are part of s building’s construction process. It shows that certain environmental goals have been accomplished during the design and construction of the building that is being certified. To be certified, the building project needs to earn points in several categories and meet green building standards that will be validated later on during the certification process.

A LEED certified building can earn state and local government incentives, and can get you press interest in your project.

How Many LEED Rating Systems Are Available? green

The latest LEED rating system is made up of 5 different areas which correspond to multiple projects:

  • Building Design and Construction
  • Interior Design and Construction
  • Building Operations and Maintenance
  • Neighborhood Development
  • Homes

These 5 areas are then broken down into smaller components where points are given and depending on a number of points received they can obtain one of the following categories:

  • CERTIFIED 40-49 Points
  • SILVER 50-59 Points
  • GOLD 60-79 Points
  • PLATINUM 80+ Points

It is very important to state that the rating system can be implemented in both, new construction and existing buildings.


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